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Athletic Participation Expectations

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Cheatham County Central High School Athletic Participation Expectations


Mission and Philosophy

Athletics play an integral part in the life of student athletes at Cheatham County Central High School by assisting in promoting the importance of teamwork, effort, goals, and commitment. The staff of CCCHS recognizes that the athletic fields and gymnasiums are an extension of the classroom, where teaching is foremost in the development of character. Interscholastic athletics is highly competitive, but winning is not the primary measure of success. Sportsmanship, respect for participants, and dignity in the face of adversity are more important than the outcome of the contest. All athletes do not perform at the same level, but all can demonstrate effort, dedication, and fair play.


Student Eligibility Requirements


1.     All participants are required to have a valid physical on a TSSAA medical form and have it on file with the athletic director.

2.     Student athletes are also required to have on file a parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian stating that the student athlete has consent of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian to participate in practice or athletic contests.

3.     In addition to other infractions, a student may be suspended or removed from a team for unexcused absences or chronic tardiness to classes or team practices.

4.     A student may not participate when he/she is serving an out-of-school suspension. The student becomes eligible to participate on the next school day following the suspension.

5.     A student may not participate when having a quarter or semester grade of an 69 or below, additionally all students must keep a C average in order to participate.

A student must meet the TSSAA academic requirements. A student must also meet the coach’s requirement for academic standards. An athlete may be put on suspension or even be removed from a team if he/she is not reaching his/her potential.


Team Selection


Athletes will be evaluated to determine the level of play in which each will participate. Coaches will expect athletes to perform at his/her highest level in the areas of performance, attitude, and competitiveness. The official start date for each season as set forth by TSSAA rules will serve as the tryout period. The length of the tryout period will be determined by each individual sports head coach. The coaching staff in each sport has sole discretion of which athletes make the team. There will be no guarantee as to the playing time for any athlete. Off season legal issues or drug/alcohol use could prohibit an athlete from being able to try out for a team.




An important mission of the interscholastic athletics program is to teach and reinforce values relating to sportsmanship, competition, and fair play. It is expected that team personnel, parents, and spectators respect this mission by exhibiting appropriate behavior at athletic events.

Assumption of Risk


Participation in interscholastic athletic activities often includes intense completion and poses the potential for serious, catastrophic, or life-threatening injury. Participants and parents are urged to consider that there are inherent risks and hazards associated with athletic participation. Risks vary from sport-to-sport and can occur under direct supervision and with the use of proper safety.




Hazing is prohibited at all times. Hazing involves any act that subjects teammates to mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule, whether it is done in person, social media, or etc. In some instances hazing constitutes a criminal act. At a minimum, hazing may lead to immediate dismissal from a team.




All student athletes are expected to adhere to the practice uniform and game uniform requirements set forth by each coach. An athlete is never to start taking off part of the uniform, i.e. socks, shoes, and etc., during a game unless instructed to by a coach or trainer. It is the responsibility of the athlete to take care of their uniform and return it within a week after season ends in good repair or suffer the cost of replacing it.


Communication with Coaches


Parents should not attempt to address coaches during or immediately after games and practices. Coaches have many post game/practice responsibilities, including supervision of players. Also, the post-game/practice is often emotionally charged, and not conducive to productive discussion. If a parent feels a need to communicate a concern, the parent should contact the coach and/or athletic director to arrange a later meeting.


Chain of Command


The Cheatham County Central High School Athletic Department will strictly adhere to the policy that a disgruntled parent, fan or athlete MAY NOT address a coach before, during, or after a contest.

Procedures for addressing a concern:

1.     If the concern starts with your child, have your child talk with the coach first.

2.     Email the coach and request a meeting.

3.     If there is no resolution, contact the Athletic Director and request a meeting.

4.     If there is no resolution, contact the Principal.


**It is important not to confront a coach before or after a practice or game.

These meetings will be made by appointment at a designated date and time. The athlete will be present at all meetings between parents and coaches unless need dictates different.



Participation Standards


Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right. Accordingly, students must meet certain standards in order to earn the privilege of participation. At a minimum, the following standards are required of all student-athletes.

1.     Exhibit public behavior that will reflect positively on the team, school, and community.

2.     Exhibit responsible, respectful, and trustworthy behavior to teammates and the coach.

3.     Exhibit responsible and respectful behavior on social media – i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and etc.

4.     Exert efforts to maintain a high level of academic achievement as well as maximum effort in practice and competition.

5.     Comply with all team, school, TSSAA, and school system rules, regulations, and policies.

6.     Exhibit appropriate behavior at all team and school-related activities.

7.     Attend all team functions including games, practices, study hall, service projects, team dinners, and etc. unless ill or given prior permission to be absent by the coach.

8.     Respect calls and decisions made by game officials.

9.     Display good sportsmanship at all times.

10.  Report to the coach any issues or developments that may affect eligibility status, including change of residence.


Social Media

The use of social media, network sites, personal web pages, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc. are considered an extension of how you represent yourself. Pictures and/or information included on such sites will be considered the truth. Any student who posts information that is derogatory, threatening, disrespectful, or bullying towards peers, coaches, opponents, teachers, administrators, and other community members or that is demonstrating/insinuating acts of drug/alcohol use, sexually inappropriateness, or any other inappropriate actions will be held to the same standards as if acting in person. The consequences could include suspension or dismissal from team and suspension from school.



Illegal Substances/Alcohol/Tobacco/Steroids/ Controlled Substances

All students at Cheatham County Central High School are expected to refrain from the use of all tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol, both at school and during non-school times. Parents are responsible to oversee and monitor their student’s behavior while off school grounds and are expected to take appropriate, decisive action to identify and prevent non-prescribed use of these substances by their student.

CCCHS staff, including coaches and administrators, is charged with the task of alerting students to the harmful effects of tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol and to take corrective action upon verification of student use of these items. The commitment to tobacco-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free behavior is especially important for those students who represent Cheatham County Central High School in any school sponsored activity. The reputation of our school and the ultimate safety and welfare of students are jeopardized if the commitment is broken.



Dismissal From or Quitting a Team


Once an athlete begins practice in a sport and his/her squad membership is terminated for a reason other than being cut due to lack of ability, he/she is ineligible to participate in any other sport during that season unless he/she is given prior approval by the athletic director and/or the school administration after a thorough investigation of the case with all involved parties. Once an athlete is on a team and voluntary quits that team, he/she is ineligible to participate in any other sport during that season unless he/she is given prior approval by the athletic director and/or the administration.


Activity Probation


At the direction of the principal, an athlete may be placed on athletic probation in lieu of or in addition to other penalties when an athlete is involved in a significant breech of the general policies of the Athletic Participation guideline document. If a second breech of general policy occurs within one calendar year of being placed on athletic probation, the athlete will be suspended from participation in the Cheatham County Central High School athletic program for a length of time to be determined by the principal.


General Discipline Policies and Procedures


The rules, policies, and procedures addressed in the Athletic Participation guideline document do not cover every possible infraction. Any infractions not listed will be covered by TSSAA, Cheatham County Schools and/or Cheatham County Central High School discipline policy and procedures. Consequences for athletes not adhering to any rule, policy, or procedure will be at the discretion of the principal.


Parents, Fans, Spectators


Any parent, fan, or spectator who acts in a disruptive manner will cause the game to be suspended until the situation is resolved or the spectator is removed by the game official, Athletic Director, or the game administrator. As a result of such removal that spectator will not be allowed to return to any CCCHS athletic events until they have met with the Athletic Director to discuss the length of the suspension that will ensue. Any parent, fan, or spectator who berates the officials, players, or coaches may be asked by the Athletic Director or game administrator to leave before play is stopped by the game official. In such a case, that spectator will not be allowed to return to any CCCHS athletic events until they have met with the Athletic Director to discuss the length of the suspension that will ensue.


Any unsportsmanlike violation by a student-athlete, parent, fan, or spectator will be reported to the Principal by the game administrator within 24 hours of the incident to discuss the length of the suspension.


Cheatham County Central High School recognizes that the athletic fields and gymnasiums are an extension of the classrooms in which teaching is foremost in the development of character, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


Cheatham County Central High School Student – Parent Athletic Participation Contract


Student: (Print) ______________________________________


Grade: ___________ School Year: __________


Sport/Team: ________________________________


Date: ______________




Parent and Student-Athlete:

The Student-athlete and his or her parent/guardian have received and read the “Student-Parent Athletic Participation Information”. Based on this information, the student and parent/guardian understand and stipulate the following:


1.     I/We understand the eligibility regulations required for participation.

2.     I/We affirm that the student has satisfied all of the eligibility requirements, including age, residence and academics.

3.     I/We affirm that the student will exert to maintain a high level of academic achievement.

4.     I/We affirm that there is potential for serious, catastrophic, of life-threatening injury associated with participation in a sport.

5.     I/We affirm that the student will not participate in hazing at any time, of any nature.

6.     I/We as a participant or spectator, will exhibit a high level of sportsmanship at contests.

7.     I/We will follow appropriate procedures in communicating concerns to coaches.

8.     I/We affirm the student will abide by all team and participation standards.

9.     I/We affirm that the student will not use steroids, illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco unless medically prescribed for a specific condition or illness.

10.   I/We affirm that I/my child will use social media responsibly and refrain from posting information or pictures that promote drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything else that will disrespect my teammates, coaches, peers, or school, and that I will not use social media to bully, haze, or harass anyone.


Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________

Student signature: ___________________________________________

Date: _______________