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Standards Based Grading  

Math Department Grading System


Grading Policy          

 Quests               90%

 Test/Other*     10%



Quests (90%):  Quests are a combination of tests and quizzes, smaller than a test and bigger than a quiz.  They will be used to directly assess the standards and concepts your students should be learning.  Each quest will contain 2 old standards and 2 new standards, for a total of 4 standards. Students will earn a 5 point grade for each standard tested, so one assessment will give you 4 grades for the 4 standards. Examples of these standards are as follows:


1.      I CAN find slope of an equation.

2.      I CAN graph an equation.

3.      I CAN solve an equation.

4.      I CAN create an equation from a line.    


·         Once the class has been tested over the standard twice, you will receive a total grade out of 10.  This is the grade that will be added to the grade book.  

·         No Quest grade will affect your overall grade until the second assessment.

·         If you miss a day of a Quest, you will not be able to make this Quest up. Instead, the grade of the second Quest over the same standards will be used twice.


There will be opportunities for reassessments.

*Students must provide proof of effort to relearn material to reassess (this will be left up to teacher discretion).  For example: tutoring, extra practice problem, Kahn Academy videos, etc.



Tests/Projects/Teacher Discretion (10%):  Tests will be given at the end of every 9 weeks.  They will be testing everything the student has covered during the current 9 weeks.  This 20% will also be used for other assignments that your student’s teacher assigns.  Those assignments are up to that particular teacher.


If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to your student’s teacher.