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Assignments - English V(Archived)
Introduction Letter
Due Date: 8/12/2016
Subject: English V

Write me a letter of introduction, but not an ordinary letter of

introduction. Instead, I want you to PRETEND that there are a

limited number of seats in this classroom, and that I will be

choosing who gets to stay and take the class, based

on the letters I receive tomorrow. In order to be

one of the chosen few, you will have to convince

me why you should be selected. Are you the

world’s greatest English student? Not so great at

English but a hard worker? One who never gives

up? Or are you fun to have around, witty and

charming? Or will you offer something else that will

make me glad you’re in my class? Be persuasive

and help me get to know the real you a little

better. (And have fun with it!!)