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Advanced Class Placement Criteria--English

This week, students who would like to enroll in an Honors English class for the 2017-2018 school year will begin the application process. Students who have an A or B in Advanced English, or those who have an A in their regular English class, have the opportunity to apply. They must meet a minimum of two of the four criteria to qualify: 

1.       A score of at least 12 on the Standard Recommendation Form.  

2.       A score of "Mastered" on the English EOC. 

3.       A qualifying score on a writing sample.  

4.       A qualifying score on a reading comprehension assessment. 

Recommendation forms were given out on March 20th and are due by the end of the day on Friday, March 25th. There will be no exceptions for late forms. Students currently enrolled in Advanced or Dual Enrollment English classes will complete their writing sample from 12:25 – 2:25 on Wednesday, April 5th. Students currently enrolled in a regular English class will complete their writing sample from 12:34 – 2:34 on Thursday, April 6th.  After the writing samples are scored, any student who does not achieve a qualifying score will be given a reading comprehension assessment during the first two weeks of May.  



Please contact your student's English teacher if you have any further questions