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In December, the high school CTE teachers showed the CMS 8th graders different aspects of their courses. CCCHS students volunteered to lead center activities for the middle school students to participate in.

Ag students create mailboxes out of license plates
CMS students learn about metal forging
Mechatronics students build lego structures based on blueprints
Mechatronics students stamp letters on metal
Mechatronics students teach CMS students about circuits
Students learn about automechanics
Ag students have a discussion about GMOs
Students learn infant CPR
Health science students teach how to check for vital signs
Students learn how to remove rubber gloves safely
Student shows how to hammer a large piece of metal after heating it in a portable forge
Middle school students learn how to test battery voltage
Middle school students stamp letters onto metal discs
Middle school students pose with auto test board
Middle school students learn how to solder
Middle school students listen to a bunny rabbit's heartbeat
Middle school students play animal tracks bingo
High school ag students teach about sanding and staining
High school students show how to make birdhouses from license plates
Ag students
Ag students
Computer Aps Students
Auto students
Mechatronics Students
Health Science Students