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Recent News

1. Mr. Turner took attendance at 1:25pm.
2. Ms. Hollis went through the slides (included below)
3. Ms. Hollis & Mr. Turner answered questions about the rules. It was made clear that these rules cannot be amended, abbreviated, circumvented, or any in other way changed. They are absolute. Any argument about them will not be tolerated and any violation of them could result in negative consequences.
4. Everyone was encouraged to join the club Remind group.
5. Ms. Hollis spoke briefly about a possible t-shirt. The majority of the club was in agreement that they wanted a club t-shirt. Ms. Hollis said she had a possible design for the t-shirt and would speak to a couple of members about the design
6. The club sweetheart for homecoming was discussed and it was decided that Emily Cluck would be the club sweetheart and her escort would be Clayton Wilson. Emily has taken on the responsibility of ensuring all timelines and obligations are met for this and will keep Ms. Hollis and Mr. Turner updated.
7. Officers were self-nominated and then spoke for a brief minute and then elections took place with the following results:
President: Clayton Wilson
Vice-President: Landon Hunter
Secretary: Scarlett Canada
Treasurer: Marina Sherbert
8. Roles of the secretary and treasurer were basically defined.
9. Mr. Turner instructed all new players with no D&D experience to get a character sheet.
10. Ms. Hollis instructed all those who had experience with the game to assist new players in starting to roll up characters using the 4D6 system
11. Ms. Hollis & Mr. Turner spoke with the officers about what they needed to do over the weekend if possible. These included primarily creating a website and a constitution. It was recommended that they also address the issue of using electronic devices during club and game time.
12. It was decided that "homebrew rules" would not be permitted based on the number of new players in the club.
13. The meeting was adjourned at 2:10pm.
14. Ms. Hollis emailed the officers (after school) a list of websites that could helpful in creating a constitution
Later, Ms. Hollis and Mr. Turner discussed the club t-shirt design and agreed on its back and that Frankie Davis and Teegan Boyd should collectively create a small logo for the front of the shirt. Specific details about the shirt will be forthcoming and voted on.