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Cub Pride

Mission and Vision:        

Cub Pride is a student-led high school club devoted to making the school a better place by giving individuals the opportunity to serve in a volunteer capacity.  Students make a positive impact on school culture while learning to be leaders with a servant’s heart.



Leadership: Learning to be a true leader who listens, empathizes and empowers

Character: Developing character through acts of kindness and recognition of the needs of others

Caring: Showing compassion for others and inspiring action for meeting needs

Action: Developing the skills necessary to complete service projects

Teamwork: To work together in order to promote the ideals of the club


Examples of Cub Pride Service Projects:

Bethesda Donation Drives 

Cub Closet Organization 

New Student Orientation

School Ambassadors 

Parent Night Tour Guides

Positive Messages for School 

Meeting Time: Club Day (3rd Friday of the Month) 
Sponsor: Beth Campbell