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Room 135

Welcome to room 135, Cheatham County Central High School: home to Mr. Turner's 9th grade World History classes and 12th grade Government / Economics class.


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Mid-Term Make-up

If you missed the mid-term exam and need to make it up, you need to go to this link and schedule a date/time to make the exam up. You will need 55 minutes to make the exam up.
You can use Quizizz to review for the exam as well as your review sheet. The code for Quizizz is: 868356

1st Semester

The gradebook for 1st semester will officially close, district-wide, on January 21st. After that, no grades can be changed. If you want to retake or make-up an exam from 1st semester, you have until then to do so.


All assignments where a student was absent for turn-in, have been changed to a ZERO. Please turn in all missing or make-up work as soon as you can.
If there is no zero in a grade column, then it is NOT a zero. I just have not collected them yet (i.e., World War One lecture notes)