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Staff Resources

Piktochart: Free program that allows you to design infographics, presentations, and printables. 
Nearpod: Online presentation tool that allows you to incorporate formative assessments throughout the presentation, along with videos, images, and discussion questions. Students are limited to only viewing what you have on your screen during the presentation.
Roobrix: Conversion tool for rubrics to automatically calculate a percent grade.
Flipgrid: Video discussion board where students can respond to a prompt/question and view class responses.
InsertLearning: Google chrome extension that allows you to turn any webpage into an interactive lesson. You can add questions, embed video or notes, and receive student responses to a dashboard to review their work.
Book Creator: Students can create comic strips or books on any topic. They insert text and images, and after they publish it, they can share the link. A neat way to have students present information!
Auto Draw: Predictive tool will give you clipart options based on your drawing. For student-designed presentations, this could save them time if they need to insert pictures.
Quia: Free online activities and quizzes for every subject. (A paid version allows you to create your own.)
Edpuzzle: Insert questions in videos and track student responses.
Playposit: Insert questions in videos and track student responses.
Edji: Upload documents and/or images and insert questions for students to answer.
Go Formative: Create interactive lessons with videos, texts, and assessment questions. Math friendly!
Quizizz: Game-like platform for formative assessments.